Hype! was yesterday… go Hype2 now! New Grunge Bands cool playlist.

For the hardcore Grunge fan 1996 documentary Hype! is a must-watch.

stoned grunge smiley

Most those bands either disbanded or became a little too famous.
$100+ for a soundgarden ticket is nuts.
Well there are a lot of todays Grunge bands from all over the world instead of Seattle-only, keeping up the spirit. DIY, gigs with a van, smelly rehearsal rooms, battered jeans, drunken backstage parties and, of course, raw kickass punkrock. Music industry hates them, you can’t make a dime on broke punks that diy everything. We share those true bands here and on Hype2 fb page as well as Hype2 on twitter.

Here is a damn cool playlist of new grunge bands, check them out while they’re hot and touring. Don’t miss the new Grunge movement.

We’ll post some videos of it every once in a while from now on.

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